Lucia (Lulu)-- waiting for pictures, but CHECK IT OUT! She's proposing that she could set up her shop in the gallery!!

Name of grown-up helping: Christine Bespalec-Davis

Email Address:

Name of maker: Lucia (lulu) Bespalec-Davis

Age of maker: 4

Additional collaborators: "It wouldn't work if I didn't have people come to my treat shop!" "They want food and I make everything. "

Year work was made: Ongoing

Title of work: The Candy Bakery

Medium: "Customers, my chefs hat (a frog visor made by my friend for me), my kitchen and bakery ace the food." Play doh and lots of tools--mix of toys and found objects

Tell us 1 - 3 sentences about this work.: "Pretend I'm an adult, all right? They come to my shop and I make them treats."

From mom- This is an ongoing participatory event. Lulu loves to set up shop and makes us treats and meals. Like being at a chef's table you get a sampling of all her best stuff which she enjoys describing, but you also get candid conversation and sound advice--or you may get scolded for interrupting her process. ...

"Does it look like I am done preparing your food yet? You can talk to me more when I'm done. Now- the cookies I make are hot so be careful. I don't want you to burn yourself, alright?"

For the exhibition, chef lulu would be happy to make a plate of special treats "for people to enjoy," set up shop to make treats for visitors or share photos of herself working in The Candy Bakery.