Lucas & Mateo

Lucas & Mateo's dad sent me some recordings of music they have been composing.  It's really noisy, loud, and has a lot of energy.  I'm waiting for their full application info to come back, but I think it could be great to show their work with headphones in the gallery.  I have a little ipod and some headphones we could use, if we wanted to.

Name of grown-up helping: Jorge Lucero

Email Address:

Name of maker: The Most Suckiest Band in the entire beepen Universe with only one beeping album.

Age of maker: 10 and 13

Additional collaborators:

Year work was made: 2015

Title of work: The Road of the Roach

Medium: 6 songs

Tell us 1 - 3 sentences about this work.: This work is a piece of beep. Its crappy especially for you. It taste exactly like a hot pocket.